Friday, 26 August 2011

Cardiff based DJ/ Producer Jemrookie, is an artists heavily influenced from Hip Hop, Soul, Orchestra as well as house music in its entirety.

Ableton is the fabric of all my music. I use it as a tool for producing as well as performing. As such, when I do perform, often I will search through my many folders of music and can frequently come across a song I've not heard for a while and love. I will then store that in a favorites folder to come back to at a later date. My favorites folder is home to many pieces of art that have inspired my production in the past. Whether its old school hip hop, Jazz, Soulful adlibs etc. In particular, two artists; George Benson & Julie London have paved the way for some of my most creative pieces.

It's only in the past year that i've taken a strong interest into tech house, and soulful harmonic dance music. Derrick Carter has played a big part in this influence alongside artists like Wollion, Stefano Noferini, Nice7, Paco Maroto & The Round Table Knights. What really captivates me is the colourful energy that comes from this area of house. A lot of artists are doing it well, and its strong roots from detroit house music & soulful samples give it a unique edge. I love to play these styles of music and for me, it has played as a panacea to a previous creative block that I came across whilst trying to find a new direction.